Meet The Artist – Chris Grit

Chris is a Rotterdam based 3d genius, photographer and artist. I met Chris during my graphic design study 5 years ago. I didn’t really know him back then and we were all young and looking for our own style. We still followed each other on Instagram and a few months ago we started noticing each others work. We met up a couple times to visit some exhibitions and we talked lots about our vision and ambitions. Chris showed his work to me and he was very modest about it but I immediately fell in love with his unique style and those bright colors, so I told him that he needed to share it more and that’s what he did. Now he’s getting noticed more and he was also invited to an Instagram meet up in Rotterdam. This is an event hosted in het Groothandelsgebouw in Rotterdam where both famous and upcoming Instagrammers can meet up. Anyhow things are going well for him and he’s working hard to create as much as he can and to develop himself. Chris also does portraiture and if I didn’t tell you that he is also very handsome then now you know that too.



Meet the artist – Chris Grit

When I was younger all I cared about was adventure, be it outside while playing with friends, while playing with my toys and games or while drawing or creating things. Even though I may have grown older, I still look for adventure on a day to day basis. I want to be pulled in by something when seeing it. I love to find hidden details that other might overlook. But next to looking for adventure and all other things mentioned before, I love to put that stuff in my work. I want my audience to feel pulled in by something that contains more than initially meets the eye. I want them to be captivated by what I create and to make them look for hidden detail, structure or story, to make them feel. My goal is to inspire you, to find your inspiration and to follow your own adventure.









Do you want to see more of Chris’ work? Check his Instagram @grit.stagram or his personal account @chris.grit

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