Meet The Artist – Cora Martens

This time it’s Cora’s turn to show her work on the mag. I discovered Cora in such a nice way. A few weeks ago I posted a story on Instagram and a day later Cora mentioned me in her story because she made art of it. I love the little peach with my name in it referring to The Peachy Mag.

Meet the artist – Cora Martens

First off, I’m going to start with a small opinion. I’m not an artist. I don’t really think anyone is, to be honest. There’s too many definitions of being an “artist” because there’s art in everything, and as long as you can create or bring something new to the table, you’re an artist.
My style of creations is, unique, I guess. I take things, or pieces of anything I find beautiful, inspiring, or eye catching in any way and add my own touch to it. I’m the kind of person that craves change like a drug, I can’t survive in a world where everything is routine and nothing is ever different, and I think my style resembles that clearly. I have a little habit of finding people, or movies, or songs, or nearly anything inspirational to me and create something that stems from it. Whether that means I embroider it on to my sweatshirts, or draw it on my arms with a sharpie, or spend hours hunched over a canvas; if I find someone who has put time and effort in bringing me something that motivates me to be creative, I feel as though it’s my duty to make something that reflects them as well.
I come from a very, very small conservative village all the way up in Northern Canada, which means I’m not exactly surrounded by creativity on a regular basis. It also means I was raised in a strict culture, so it took a lot of perseverance to overcome the judgement and hatred directed towards me when I continued to become more open minded and showed my opinions through my art, clothes, and attitude.
I don’t really like telling people my age due to the kinds of judgement towards people as young as I am where I live. I’m 15, turning 16 in the end of July. I’m often told I seem wise beyond my years, and I think that largely comes from from what I create, but it still brings a certain amount of criticism in my art because most people assume that the pieces I make have no meaning, or if they do, I don’t fully understand the meaning; which I can guarantee is far from the truth. Even if a piece I make seems to be straightforward and basic, there’s always some kind of deep meaning behind it because of where my mind was at while I made it. Whether that be a happy place, a sad place, or a place that I hope to never go again – everything I do has meaning because my goal in life is to live the most meaningful life humanly possible.

Do you want to see more of Cora’s work? Check out her Instagram @tranquidipity





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