Meet The Artist – Wika Krauz

Instagram is one of the best platforms to discover (new) artists. A few weeks ago Wika Krauz send us a message on Instagram and we immediately fell in love with her work. Wika Krauz is an illustrator from Poland with a colorful and own style.



Meet the artist – Wika Krauz 

” I’m Wika, a young aspiring illustrator, MA student of anthropology at the University of Warsaw, Poland, where I live and come from. My story about illustrating is not too long – like most children in Poland, I drew at the kindergarten and school but always heard from people: “you have to be talented to make art”. At that time I believed that something called “talent” exists…
At the age of 9 or 10 I took painting classes just for fun. My teacher was strict, but he gave me tips I remember till today , like how to use colors for example. When I grew older I focused more on writing, studying and school, and I gave up painting for a long time. I also became interested in fashion, I was a real freak who wanted to express her feelings, sense of humor, creativity, personality and autonomy through colorful clothes.
And then my classes at the university started. Anthropology became my new huge passion and also a way to think and perceive the world. But I felt rather unfulfilled… So I decided to take some other classes that helps me prepare for the fine arts academy. I started following a more professional drawing class with a great teacher and a lovely group of different people. They taught me that “talent” doesn’t exist and that everything you should do is work really hard to catch your dreams :-).
At the beginning I really sucked at drawing a model in some typical poses, haha. Till now I do not like realism at all, so I just skipped this level and started making something which defines me – colorful, unrealistic. Something socially engaged, not only about me but also about other people, especially women – how they manage in a Polish patriarchy, who they are, what are their dreams, where is their/our place in a society, if we are nonnormative? 

My biggest dream is to become fulltime freelance illustrator and inspire / tell people (not only women!) who do not fit into society in some way, that they can do whatever they want to do. It doesn’t matter what others say and it doesn’t matter if you fit in or not.. You can do and achieve anything you want in life! ”





a self portrait of Wika



I really like that Wika translates social and cultural topics into her work. This makes her work even more meaningful to me!
Do you want to see more of Wika’s work? Check out her Instagram @wikakrauz.


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