Shit Show – Boijmans van Beuningen

Last Saturday I went to Boijmans van Beuningen to see ‘Vorm – Fellows – Attitude’ by Gelatin and it was awesome. I already planned to visit Boijmans and when I saw about this shit exhibtion on Facebook I laughed really hard. When we got to the part of this exhibition we bumped in to this dressing room full of people with these nude costumes on and we were totally surprised. There was no way I would put on that costume so we walked through it and immediately ended up in this shithole.

It was hilarious to see all those people walking around in these nude costumes like it’s totally normal. It was also possible to went in there and take a look, so I crawled over the floor and went inside. The interaction we had with the other visitors was so funny. Everyone felt like a kid and constantly made funny jokes about it. I know it doesn’t sound tempting to go watch giant pieces of shit but it was hilarious. I can say it was an adventure that I wouldn’t have want to miss. You can visit this exhibition until August 12, 2018.


What’s the funniest exhibition that you ever visited? And do you like reviews like this?

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