How to achieve your dream career

These days everything is possible. The sky is literally the limit, especially career wise. We are no longer satisfied with a 9 till 5 job at a boring office. We want a dream career that we build ourselves. I’m a freelance content creator and I do this work for 3 / 4 years now. Over the years I learned a lot! About making content, about photography, about social media and about the business side. These are my tips on how to achieve your dream career:


Knowledge is KEY
Let’s say you want to become a professional photographer. Besides knowing EVERYTHING about the camera settings and edit programs (photoshop or lightroom), you also need to know something about social media, making a portfolio website, marketing, working with clients and all the other things you need to know as a professional photographer. Learning is key! Read about those topics in books, on the internet or ask other people in your field. Just do everything to increase your knowledge.


Create your own voice / style
Especially if you want to do something in the content creation world, you NEED to create your own style or voice. There are thousands and thousands of photographers, writers, influencers, Youtubers and content creators these days. So if you want to stand out you need to have something that is unique! Let’s continue with the example of becoming a professional photographer. If you want to be a successful photographer you need to have either your own style in shooting or editing.


Work hard
If you want to be your own boss you have to work hard. Especially in the first years! You can’t expect working 2 hours a week is going to make you successful. Even if your still in school or you have another job you have to be willing to put a lot of time and effort in it. Otherwise it’s just not gonna work for you, because there are a lot of people who will put in the work and effort. 


Do something everyday
Do something that brings you closer to your dream career every day. Whether it’s learning something or working on your portfolio website or doing a shoot.. Just do something, every single day.


If you’re just starting out, it can be helpful to collab with other people in your field. So for example: if you’re a photographer you can organize a shoot with other photographers or if you’re a Youtuber, you can film some videos with other Youtubers.


Keep going
Big chance that nobody will notice you in the first years. That’s hard, I know.. But one day someone will notice you!! So keep going and learning and improving until that day comes.


Like I said: in the beginning there is a big chance that nobody will notice you. Instead of waiting, you can network and spread your name. There are a lot of network events and Facebook groups where you can connect with other people in your field. Just make sure you’re not pushy and if you start a conversation with someone show some real interest.


Reflect and improve
My last tip is: keep improving! Keep learning about all the trends that are going on in your field. So, if you’re an influencer you need to know all about the trends in social media world, if you’re a photographer you need to know all the edit trends, etc.
Set goals every month or quarter, do the work, reflect and improve. 



What are your tips on how to achieve your dream career? And what IS your dream career? Let us know in the comments! 


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