Meet The Photographer – Kim Plaizier

Kim is a 20 year old creative soul from Rotterdam. She has been into digital and analog photography since she was 12 years old but lately she mostly uses film. She approached me on Instagram and asked me to do a shoot with her because she liked my style. I was down immediately because I love doing spontaneously shoots and meeting new people. I looked up her work and I knew something great had to came out of it. We planned our shoot on a sunny Sunday and she showed up with her new second hand Leica cam. We strolled around the streets in Dordrecht to find a cute spot matching her style and she did her job very well.

Do you want to see more of Kim and her cam? Follow her on Instagram: @kimandhercam and check out her website:

Iris Anne de Smit

My work is inspired by all kinds of beautiful people with a focus on gender and identity.

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