Meet The Photographer – Zoë Van Genderen

Two weeks ago Zoë and I planned a shoot together. It was a stormy day and we didn’t have a clear view on what our vision was for our little project. We brainstormed and after a while we came up with a concept. These days everyone is a photographer, a model or a director. There’s nothing on the internet that we haven’t seen yet. So we came up with the plan to hide my face in every photo by using sunglasses, shadow or whatever we could find. We wanted to create an anonymous vibe and to emphasize the fact that it doesn’t really matter who’s on the photo. We also wanted to create a contrast between me and the surroundings, so I dressed up in all black and tried to exaggerate it by using leather and lot’s of jewelry. We went outside to a nearby park and we strolled around to find the right places. By the end of the day Zoë created four different shots at different locations. Zoë took a polaroid at every location so she could see the results from the vibe she was trying to create. Every shot has a different theme with a short text by yours truly. I always keep these short notes in my phone and I actually thought it would be nice to link them to Zoë’s photo’s.

Want to see more of Zoë’s work? Check out her Instagram: @zoevangenderen

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