A personal interview with Cindy about her burn out

Hi, my name is Iris Beukelman and this is my first post for The Peachy Mag. I’m very excited! My first post is a positive story about a strong woman. I hope it will inspire you!

This story is about Cindy, she lives in Groningen in the Netherlands and she is 28 years old. She struggled with a burn out for a couple of years and now she tells you her story.


I asked Cindy about how the burn out changed her and if she is doing things differently than she did before:
”I know myself better now, I’m way closer to my own feelings. The choices I make, I do it for myself and not for others or what they expecting. For example my work: I worked very hard, more than forty hours a week and I decided to quit that job. And now I finally have time for my favorite things like taking yoga classes, going to the gym, writing, being social and traveling around the world.”


Cindy slowly finds her way back now, so I asked her what she would change if she could go back in time:
”If I could change something, it would be my education ‘’International business and languages’’ because I realized that it didn’t fit me. Back in the days I always wanted be a business woman and grow to reach more and more. But later I realized that I was very creative and I wanted to do more with that. I want to be creative in writing, speaking for people, filming stories of people. I want to inspire other people with what I do, money is less important than I always thought.

What helped me get back on my feet is doing things I love. I like doing intense yoga (which I do for 4 years now), going on stage with spoken word in Groningen, playing capoeria (fight dance), writing stories (I do freelance writing) and traveling a lot around the world. I went to Tenerife in a surf camp for 2 months , made a trip to Indonesia, Bali and did some citytrips in Europe. 

But not to forget, my boyfriend: he helped me through it! I am thankful for that’’



‘’ I got balans in my life now and I listen to my body. I was always going, going, going and never stopped while I should.
So if I could give a positive advice to someone who’s in a situation like this: keep working on yourself! Believe that everything will work out. It’s hard but it’s really possible! Don’t be afraid to be yourself in your life and to search for yourself. In the end it’s not important what others think, all that matters is what you want! ‘’



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