Are you in control of your life?

When we were kids we thought that everything our parents said was the truth. And of course – in most cases – they want the best for us. If we grew older we go to school and we base our truth on what the teachers say. And what our classmates say. And what the media says. And what we see on social media.


The pressure is high these days… We have to study, travel around the world and build an amazing career. At least, that’s what most of the Instagram feeds show us. And many of us seek approval from others. So, they follow the crowd. And I’m not saying that you shouldn’t travel or start a business.. I’m just saying: is this really what YOU want. Or are you doing it because other people are doing it? Or because it’s society’s standards? Or because people expect it from you?


We’re giving up our control in all kinds of situations. For example:
1. we stay at a shitty job because we need money -> you’re not control of your finances.
2. one of your friends gives a performance with her dance group and you HATE watching dance performances but you still go -> your friend is in control


And most of the time we don’t even know we’re giving up the control. We only notice it when we feel sad, unhappy or angry about something. So, if you want to take back the control of your own life I suggest you take a break from your agenda and social media. Take some alone time to figure out what YOU really want to do with your life. Is it really traveling? Or do you rather spend time with your family at home? And what about going to birthday parties? Are you going because you feel like you HAVE to, or are you going because you WANT to? Just think about all those aspects of life.. And start taking the control back!


Are you in control of your own life? What are your thoughts on this topic? 


are you in control of your life


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