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Two weeks ago one of my friends Leena launched her dutch online magazine BADASS. Besides that she wrote an ebook and lives on Bali. Oh, and she is a self love activist and basically one of the nicest people I’ve ver met! Did she always wanted to move abroad? And how did she come up with BADASS? Get to know Leena and her story in this interview:


You moved with your boyfriend to Bali last year. That sounds like a dream! Was it always a dream to move abroad?

It was all a dreammm *biggie voice*, haha joke. I always wanted to travel a lot. Before all this I danced for 19 years and it was always my dream to travel around the world with dancing, but I never really thought about moving abroad. I think because I was afraid for the unknown and to leave my comfort zone (incl family). No I lie, I had this dream to move to L.A. and dance for the biggest artists but if I think about that time right now, I think it was more like the dreams you have when you are 4 years old (dreaming to buy a Barbie house from your own money that you earned with playing with your dolls the whole day) so I don’t take that old dream really serious.


On your social media you talk a lot about self love, mindfulness and spirituality. Can you tell us a bit about your journey with spirituality? When was the point that you were conscious about it?

Well, I never had this one point that I was like ‘hey I think there is more’, I grew up with it. My mom is spiritual, ok we all are, but my mom was always into it. We had tarot cards at home and as as little girl I loved to pendle, my mom had this small gemstone on a chain, I let it hang above my hand and asked ‘what is yes?’ and then the pendle moved itself vertical or horizontal, so I knew with which movement it was a ‘yes’. And then I asked Q’s like ‘Am I going to have kids when I’m older?’ ‘Will I get married?’ ‘How many kids will I have? 2?’. So it was always there, but I still want and need to dig deeper into this because I am at the beginning of my spiritual journey but need to open myself more for it.



Two weeks ago you launched BADASS Magazine, an online magazine for babes who want to embrace their inner badass. It’s the online place to become conscious about your own awesomeness so you can create your own dream life. We love it!! How did you come up with the idea for BADASS Magazine?

Before I moved to Bali I was already writing for my own personal blog and I loved to talk about my own life experiences to inspire and motivate others. The only thing I planned to do on Bali was writing my ebook (besides laying in the sun, eat a lot and enjoy life to the fullest). After I finished my ebook I had the need to do something bigger. I wanted to connect more with other babes, work together (because we are better together), motivate each other and I really wanted to create a platform where we can combine our forces. So I just made a list with the things I wanted to write about and what I wanted to share and most important; WHY?. When the ‘why’ was more clear for myself I asked myself the question ‘how?’ Then the idea of the online magazine was born.


Do you have a specific goal for / with BADASS Magazine?

I just want BADASS to be THE online place for babes, like an online big loving living room where we can hangout, chitchat, support each other and help each other out like one big sisterhood. BADASS needs to be the online safe place for girls/young women. If you have issues with yourself (maybe you feel like SHIT and don’t know what to do) you are welcome to sent us an email and we will help you out.

AND I have some ideas for offline events (#GOALS) but more about that later :).


What do you hope to achieve in 5 years?

A freakin nice BADASS office, with all these creative corners and a vegan cafe (by le boyfriend).. And a team of the most AMAZEBALLS POWERBABES, together we will run the online mag and organise the most funky offline events/masterclasses/seminars.


What advice would you give to woman who want to achieve their dream life but don’t know where or how to start?

Start with yourself and the question ‘Who are you?’ who is the person you see in the mirror. Not that girl with blonde/brown hair and blue/brown eyes, no who is behind all that (who are you in the inside). Love that person, embrace that person, even all the flaws. You can start your dream life as soon as you start loving yourself. If one of your dreams is to live on Bali as well (for example) but you don’t love yourself it will be a nightmare… believe me. You can not be happy as long as you’re not happy with yourself.

Wanna see more about Leena’s life? Check out her online magazine and follow Leena on Instagram @leenaworldcom.


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