How I created a healthy lifestyle

My transformation story

I never really was the most healthy person in the world. When I was a kid I exercised a lot, I played tennis and soccer for the biggest part of my childhood. When I became a teenager I stopped exercising. I went to high school and started hanging out with friends a lot. My lifestyle back than wasn’t healthy at all. I ate a lot of junk food, I drank a lot of red bull and I smoked cigarettes. You couldn’t really tell it by the way I looked, because I was still slim. But I just wasn’t nourishing my body in the right way.


When I graduated from high school, I went to a school in Rotterdam to study business. From that moment on I got more interested in eating healthy. I watched a lot of what I eat in a days and I started to do some body weight exercises at home. I was still smoking cigarettes back than.
Two years ago I watched the documentary Cowspiracy on Netflix (I think I was in my third study year). A friend of mine recommended this documentary, so I thought why not?! After that my view on eating meat and the industry completely changed. I did more research and I found out that eating meat wasn’t really healthy. So I stopped eating meat on a regular base, but I did still eat it sometimes back than.


A few months later I began to struggle with my perfectionism. I was really focused on feeling better at that point, so the first thing I did was quit smoking. I thought it would be hard because I smoked cigarettes for quite some year, but to be honest I never really struggled with it. I guess my willpower to feel better and happier was so strong that I didn’t even considered it to be a challenge. At the same time I stopped eating meat completely. I just wanted to treat my body in the right way, because I knew that would make me feel better. And it did! Another thing that I started doing was replacing diary products for non diary alternatives. This also made a huge change!


At that point I didn’t worked out. Partly because I didn’t want to and partly because I was struggling with panic attacks and was scared to hyperventilate while working out. A half year later I felt better and I decided to go to the gym. Even tho I don’t consider myself as a fit girl, I try to work out at least three times a week now. Working out is just so good for your body. And besides that it really helps me to clear my mind.


My lifestyle now

I still don’t eat meat and I don’t see myself eating it anytime soon (like never). I still keep my diary intake low, but I’m not a vegan. I also don’t like to label myself. Eating healthy and working out doesn’t feel like a challenge anymore. I like doing it and I don’t think about it, it just goes naturally. When I go out for lunch I usually order a salad. Not only because I want to eat healthy, but also because I crave my greens now. I like making myself a green smoothie. I like making my own healthy snacks. I just crave it! So if you want to live healthy, lose weight, get toned, whatever.. My biggest tip is to change your lifestyle step by step. A healthy lifestyle is what will make you feel better, not a crash diet. Having a particular body type shouldn’t be your motivation. That’s not what is going to make you feel healthy and happy. Being in a state that you want to nourish and treat your body in the right way is what makes the biggest difference. Of course I still have fries or veggie burgers or wine sometimes and that’s totally fine! But overall I eat healthy and nourish my body in the right way.



Are you having a healthy lifestyle?! And do you want me to share some more tips or recipes?! 


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