How I plan my life and business + tips

I make to do lists and schedules since I went to high school. I make them for my week, for my business, for meetings, for my to do’s… For everything basically haha. I see and hear a lot of people struggle with making realistic schedules and some people don’t even make them (how?!). Here are some reasons why you should use them:

A planning gives you an overview and focus, you’re working towards something. It also gives you peace, because you’re working on the right subjects. And a planning gives you mental space because you don’t have to remember all your to do’s.

So I thought it would be fun to tell you how I make my schedules and to do’s and give you some little tips. Maybe you can implement some things in your own routine / life.


How I plan

Every quarter I set up some main goals for my business. This is my guide for the upcoming 4 months. I like to write mine down in a notebook, but you can also make them in drive document for example. Or you can even make a vision board of it. Whatever works for you! I’m doing this for my business, but if your in school for example (or work for a boss) you can write down the things that you want to focus on the upcoming 4 months. Maybe your focus is to graduate or maybe you want to start a blog.

Meetings / activities 
I use iCall for all my meetings, whether they are business related or private. Before the start of every week I go through my meetings for the upcoming week and I’m going to fill in the remaining time. So for example: on Monday I block 9 AM till 11 AM for The Peachy Mag and 1 PM till 4 PM for freelance jobs. I’m not getting specific about what I’m actually going to do in those blocks. Thats where I use my to do lists for!

To do lists
The night before every work day I like to make a to do list for the next day. I write down what I have to do in the blocks that I scheduled. So for example in my Peachy time I have to make 2 blogposts, make a  newsletter and work on our ebook. But I’m also making a to do list for all the random stuff I have to do that day, like grocery shopping and cleaning my room.
For my to do lists I like to use a notebook or Wunderlist (an app).



  • Schedule your day in blocks. So for example block Monday morning for your homework and Monday afternoon for your blog. You’re way more productive when you’re working on one thing at the time.
  • Schedule an hour a day for unforeseen things. This helps you to be flexible when something unexpected happens.
  • Evaluate your schedules and to do lists. Are you actually doing the things that bring you closer to your main goals?! If not, than try to switch things on.
  • Are you always making unrealistic schedules? Than maybe you don’t now how much time you need for each task. If that’s the case than I recommend you to write down how long you work on everything on your to do list. Even the smallest things, like cleaning the kitchen. Do this for a week and than make a new schedule based on this time information.
  • Schedule free time! It’s very tempting to schedule every hour of your day with to do’s, but let’s be honest.. That isn’t realistic. So don’t forget to plan some free time for fun stuff and to relax. I like to keep my evenings and weekends free for example. This doesn’t mean that I don’t work on the weekends, but if i’m not feeling it I don’t have to.


What are your tips for planning your day to day life?! 


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