How to spend your summer break

We all know that feeling when summer break finally starts. Some of you might still be in college just like Iris. Anyway, we hope most of you have a little break this summer. We wrote down some tips for you on how to spend your summer so you can enjoy your break to the fullest.

Take the time you need to clear your mind 

Go read that book that you wanted for so long but couldn’t find the time for or just lay down somewhere at a calm nice place and enjoy the sun. Go for an evening walk or try to invest your time in yoga or meditation.

Make up some lost time

Go do all the fun things that you didn’t have the time for the past months. Everyone has it’s own interest and definition of fun but maybe it is visiting a cool exhibition or traveling. Visit someone you haven’t seen in a long time.

Be creative

After you took the time to clear your mind, maybe you had some fun adventures and you found some inspiration. It’s time to let that out by doing something different that you’re used to. Maybe a bigger piece or different material or style. Put on some music, take of your pants and create a vibe to let all your energy flow.

What are you doing this summer break? Let us know!

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