Journal exercise – What do you truly love?

We’re often so caught up in our daily activities with the same old people that we forget what we truly love. Maybe your hanging out with toxic people, or maybe you’re not happy with your job. Or maybe you just spend your time watching Netflix while you actually want to read or make art. It’s important to reflect on these things once in a while and what better way to reflect than through journaling?!

We came up with these journal questions to help you get clear on what you truly love. In this journal session you’ll find out what you like to do and whom you want to spend your time with. After filling in these questions you can compare your current situation with your ideal situation. Where are the gaps? What can you do to get closer to your ideal situation? End this journal session by making an action plan, so you can really improve your life.


What does your week/day look like?


What does your perfect week/day look like?


With whom do you spend a lot of time? And what kind of people are they (loving, negative, etc.)


What kind of people do you want to attract in your life?


How do you spend your free time?


How do you want to spend your free time? 


What or who is holding you back? And why?


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