My childhood on film – Winter sports, family, school photos

Last week I went to visit my grandmother and I found some old film photos at her home. I love watching old photos and hear the stories behind the photos. I also think that watching film photos is way more fun than watching digital photos. I don’t know, it’s just fun to hold the photos. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share some film of my childhood once in a while and tell you a little about the photos:


Some (school) photos of me. On the right photo I didn’t want to be photographed, so I cried the whole time haha.


My nephews, me, my grandfather and my sister. I think we we’re playing in the sand haha.


We used to go winter sports every year. We usually went to Filzmoos in Austria. On the left you see mee on the ski lift and on the right you see my sister and me having a snow fight, haha.


Also on winter sports. On the left are my mom, sister and me and on the right are my sister and my grandparents. I have really good memories on the winter sports with my family!


Again me on winter sports. To a certain age I had to follow ski classes and I didn’t like that at all, haha. On the right you see me with my father and nephew. My nephew and I were always together when we were kids haha. Oh, and look at the cute outfits: I love.


Sleepover at my grandmother. In the photo you see me with my favorite Paddington Bear. I took Paddington everywhere, after a few years he almost fell apart haha.


GRRRRR.. I think I didn’t wanted to sleep haha. And again, with my beloved Paddington.


Do you often watch (old) film photos? And do you like film or digital more? 


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