My June Favorites

Can you believe it’s already July? And that we’re halfway through 2018.. That’s crazy! Time really flies. Since it’ s a new month, I thought it would be fun to share my favorites from the last month. From music, till fashion.. Here are all the things that I loved in June:



Jay Z and Beyonce OTR II show
On the 19th of June I went to the OTR II show in Amsterdam! I really loved the show and of course the music. Both amazing artists! I listen to their albums all the time now.



White Keds sneakers
My favorite fashion item in June were my white Keds sneakers. You can see them in this Outfit Vibes post. They are so comfy and cute. I literally wear them with every outfit, whether it’s a dress or a pair of jeans.



Vegan Chicken Nuggets from the Vegetarische Slager
Chicken nuggets used to be┬ámy favorite snack. But since I stopped eating meat I didn’t had it for quite some time now. A few weeks ago my boyfriend came home from grocery shopping and he bought vegan chicken nuggets from the Vegetarische Slager. They are SO good! Could eat them everyday.



13 Reasons Why Season 2
I watched 13 Reasons Why season 2 last month.. Again a really intense season.



Spending time outside
Since the summer has started here in the Netherlands, I like so spend more time outside. Going to the beach, picnics in the park, going for walks, having a glass of wine at a terrace… All those things make me very happy and grateful!



I’m really excited for July. It’s going to be a busy month with lots of appointments and to do’s, but all so much fun! Oh and one of my friends is getting married, waah so excited! Anyway, I can’t wait for all the things that July has to offer.


Happy New Month! X


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