My self care morning routine

I never really attached much value to my morning routine. My alarm went an hour before I had to leave for work. In that time I rushed in to the shower, washed my hair, did my make up and my hair, had a quick breaky (usually a tiny bit of yoghurt and a cup of tea), packed my stuff and left the house. It’s not that there is necessarily something wrong with that. When I have to work on location I still do this. But on the other days I try to start my day more mindfully. I notice that having a mindful morning routine gives me positive energy and therefore a better day. I thought it would be fun to share some things that I do on my self care morning routine. Like I said, I don’t do this everyday and I also don’t always do all those things on one morning. Just do what you can in the time you have and mostly do what you feel like doing.


  • Don’t rush
    To have a peaceful morning routine without to rush you need time. So, set your alarm a bit earlier! Even if it’s just half an hour. You will feel more relaxed throughout the day if you start it calm.
  • No phone 
    Something that I like to do is not using my phone on the first hour that I’m awake. In this way you don’t have all the stimulations from notifications and social media. I know it’s hard to put your phone away and I don’t always succeed, but when I do I feel a lot better throughout the morning and day.
  • Read
    Instead of scrolling through your phone read a few pages!
  • Listen to a podcast
    Don’t like reading? Than listen to a podcast! I sometimes like to do that when I have breakfast. It’s fun and it’s usually informative. In this way you get some educating in on the mornings. Win – win!
  • Work out
    Before I always worked out on the afternoon, but lately I like to work out in the morning. Especially running in the morning air makes me feel really good! But yoga is another great work out to have in the morning.
  • Take a walk
    Don’t like to work out in the morning? Than go for a (mini) walk! The fresh air is just so refreshing and makes you feel good immediately!
  • Healthy breakfast 
    Take time to make a badass breakfast and mindfully eat it! We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So make sure it’s yummie and healthy! My favorite breakfast on self care mornings is nice cream. I mix a frozen banana with some frozen berries and I top it with coconut flakes and granola. For drinks I like to have my green tea and when I really comfort myself I make a vanilla soy iced latte (yas!). Oh, and I always drink lots of (lemon) water in the morning.
  • Body care
    I take a shower every morning and I do my hair and make-up every morning, but on my self care mornings I like to take some extra time for that. I take a hair and face mask, nourish my body with some good smelling body butter, curl my hair.


I know some people like to meditate in the morning, but to be honest I don’t really do that. Maybe I need to try it a few times?! Another thing that I know a lot of people like to do is journaling in the morning. Again, not something that I do. When I journal, I usually like to do it in the afternoon or at night. But if that is your thing, than do it!



What do you like to do on your self care morning routine? 


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