Polaroid Diary #2 – Throw back time

Last week Anouk shared some precious moments but now it’s my turn to share some polaroids with you. I don’t take pictures with a polaroid camera that often but when I do I use my sister’s. (Thank you Floor, I love you.) I always write down the dates on the pictures so I won’t forget when I took them. I use a little photo album from HEMA to store them.

Mallorca 2016 – My cousin Tom was staying in La Palma that time so he took us to beautiful places like the Cap De Formentor (picture on the right) which is located on the northernmost point of the Balaeric Island Mallorca in Spain. Fumart is the highest point and is 384m above sea level. So don’t go there if you’re afraid of heights. The road to this place is already an adventure itself.

Antwerp 2016 – One of my favorite cities to shop. You should definitely visit the Kammenstraat for brands like Dr. Martens and Levi’s and the Kloosterstraat for some vintage chlothing. We went to Frank and Brut to have some hotdogs with champagne and had lunch the next day at WASBAR.


Zakynthos 2017 – Here is some me, myself and I on my Holiday in Zakynthos, Greece. If you’re planning to visit this island you should definitely hire a quad to cross around in the mountains. It’s the most beautiful and exciting thing I ever did. Zakynthos is known for their famous shipwreck beach which you can visit by a boat trip.

Julia’s Party 2018 – Nick and Julia are my most precious friends. I met Julia during Elementary School when we were 9. It might sound cheesy but I knew I wanted to be her friend since the first time I saw her and that’s exactly what happened. I met Nick in high school when I was 12 years old. We always went to his house to make French toast and play with his dog, Max. Nick and Julia actually met each other because of me and they have been best friends ever since.

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