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Plastic surgery is a big topic in the media these days. The lips of Kylie Jenner or the boob implants of Kourtney Kardashian.. Just turn on the news or go on Facebook and you hear all about it. There are a lot of different opinions about this topic and there are many people who love to share their opinions. Especially the negative sides, because there is a lot of negativity around this subject. Because this is such a big thing in the media, we thought it would be fun to share our opinions about plastic surgery with you:



I don’t know.. On one side I’m against plastic surgery because I think that you have to learn to love, accept and appreciate how you looklike. But if you’re truly unhappy with yourself and you can’t sing ‘’shine bright like a diamond’’ everyday, then I think YASSS girl do it. But at the same time I think that you have to embrace yourself with your imperfections because nobody is perfect. And people often do these things because they think they have to be perfect. In fact, we are all striving for a perfect picture that isn’t real. So maybe I’m more against plastic surgery, unless there is a medical reason behind it of course. I think it’s a difficult, double and hard subject.. And besides that, I don’t know if we even have to judge this.. In the end our opinions doesn’t matter if someone wants to do it.



I’m definitely not against plastic surgery. Everyone should do whatever they want with their body. But I think that the reason why you want to do plastic surgery is important. If you really want to change something for YOU and because it makes YOU feel better and happier and it improves your life in a better way, I’m totally down with it. But if you want to change something about yourself because you’re insecure about what other people think about you.. I would say don’t do it. You have to accept and love yourself with the body you received. And if you do that and still want to change something (just for you), than I think it’s totally fine.
With that being said, I don’t think that I would ever change something ‘big’ about myself. But I will consider botox and fillers when I get older. I know some forty / fifty years old who get botox and fillers once in a while. It’s not that they don’t have wrinkles anymore, but they just make it a bit more smooth. And I don’t think that there is anything wrong with that.



I think that the reason why you want to do plastic surgery is really important. Medical reasons or unhappiness because of something we don’t like about our bodies – these are the REASONS. And I’m not sure about plastic surgery when someone does it for others, but when it makes someone happier, why not? I don’t want to judge anyone – if some people like how their faces look after botox, let them do this! The same as with plastic surgery! I’m only afraid about the spiral of dissatisfaction – when you start experimenting with body and medicine -, when are you actually happy with the result? The expectations get higher and higher..



First of all I think flaws make people unique and more beautiful but when it’s really necessary for medical reasons it’s a really good option. A friend of mine had surgery because her nose holes were too small, so she couldn’t breath properly and always woke up with a headache. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting lip fillers if you have really thin lips but the question is: ‘What’s next?’ The step to let something else done will only get smaller. I think you should do it if it’s really taking you down everyday and you’ll feel more confident after doing it but people should really do it for themselves and not because the influence of others. It’s really easy to get surgery done these days and I don’t think that most people really think it through.


What do you think about plastic surgery? 



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