Polaroid Diary #3 – That’s what friends are for

This polaroid diary is dedicated to my friends. Since I don’t have much family left my friends are always the persons that I can count on. I really see them as my family. We shared a lot of beautiful memories that I want to share with you.

Celebration – April, 2018

On April 29 my dad was supposed to turn 58 but unfortunately he’s not here anymore. It was his first birthday without his attendance. My sister and I wanted to do something special, so we invited all of his friend and threw a party in memorial of our dad. My friends came as well to support me. They made my day less hard and also one to never forget.

Barbecue – May, 2018

Every year Nick and Julia organize a barbecue to celebrate the start of the summer. This one was very special because Julia’s sister and her boyfriend asked her to be master of ceremonies for their wedding. Of course she said yes and we celebrated straight away with champagne. It was a really fun night drinking and playing games.

Festival Season – May/June, 2018

(Left) This yearly food truck festival in Dordrecht, called Lepeltje Lepeltje, is always really fun. But this one was very special because it was Ruby’s birthday. Everyone came together to celebrate her birthday and to get some really nice food of course. (Right) Wantijpop is also a yearly event in Dordrecht. It was our first night out as roomies. We had a really fun night having a few drinks and watching some cool artists perform.

A night out (before moving in) – June, 2018

Last month I moved into my new home where Ruby and Zoë already lived. On this night we celebrated the fact that I was moving into their home. We had a really fun night and it already felt like home to me.

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