Favorite Thrift Shops #1 – Episode, Two sizes, Pifebo

I love fashion, I really see it as a way to express myself! I love to shop at stores like Brandy Melville etc., but my favorite pieces that I own are thrifted. Thrifted items are unique and most of the time from better quality. And not to forget, it’s also a more sustainable way of shopping. In this serie we’re gonna share our favorite thrift shops from all over the world. Starting with our favorite thrift shops in Rotterdam and Rome:

 1. Episode 

At Episode you will find lots of denim shorts, furry jacket and colorful tops. They have brands like Levi’s but also more unknown brands, which I really like. Episode is has 5 locations in the Netherlands: Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag, Haarlem. But you can also find Episode in Paris, Brussel, Copenhagen and Antwerpen. I only visited Episode in Rotterdam and Paris and I really love both locations. My favorite piece from Episode that I copped is a white denim jack from Levi’s. Definitely worth the visit!

2. Twice Vintage

Last February I visited Rome for the first time and I discovered two amazing thrift shops, to begin with Twice Vintage. At Twice you’ll find a lot of vintage designer pieces for really good prices! I myself bought a Fendi and Gucci bag in really good state for a really good price. They also have a lot of designer sunglasses, accessoires and clothes.
Via di S. Francesco a Ripa, 7, 00153 Roma RM

3. Pifebo

Another favorite thrift shop in Rome is Pifebo. At Pifebo you’ll find a lot of Adidas, Nike, Champion and Levi’s items. It looks a bit like Episode, but than with even better items! If you like sporty items, than this is your thrift shop. I bought a Adidas crop top and a baby blue Champion sweater at Pifebo which I both really love! I can’t wait to style the Adidas crop top with denim shorts and white sneakers.
Via dei Valeri, 10, Roma



What are your favorite thrift shops?


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